DIY Dining Table + Benches

We finally built our dining table and benches, and let me tell you…if we had known it was going to be so inexpensive and so simple, we would have done it way sooner. We built everything in just a couple hours with no complications and minimal cursing, so that’s how you know it’s a win. I envision many nights gathered around this table with the people we love—playing games, sharing meals, and lots of laughs! We’re so pumped to share this project and tutorial with you guys!

Photo Feb 24, 2 30 57 PM.jpg

Before we get dive in, let me start with a couple disclaimers…

  1. We built ours on the small-ish side (3 ft x 5 ft) since we’re in an apartment, so if you decide to follow our tutorial, keep in mind that you may need to adjust the size and measurements according to your space. But this size is perfect for an apartment or a small dining space. It easily seats four comfortably, but with captains chairs on each end, it could seat six!

  2. Again, we’re in an apartment, and an old one at that, which means we do not have the luxury of flat, level ground to work on. We built everything on a slightly unleveled, carpeted surface, so our table has some “quirks”, if you will. Don’t follow our example here. Always build things on a hard, LEVEL surface :)

  3. We are not professionals. ‘Nuff said. This is just what worked for us!

What you’ll need:

  1. Power Drill

  2. 2-inch Wood Screws (for the tabletop)

  3. 2.5-inch Wood Screws (for building the bases)

  4. Sander or 80-120 grit sanding block/paper

  5. Wood Stain of your choice (we used Olympic Semi-Transparent in “Mushroom”; we had to order it online and have it shipped to our local Home Depot because nobody near us carried it in the store)

  6. Polyurethane (to seal and protect the table)


  1. Three 1x16-10 ft common boards cut in half (so there should be six pieces total, each at 60 in long); be super picky when picking these out! These pieces will be your table top, so make sure the boards aren’t warped. You want them to be as flat and even as possible!

  2. 2x4s cut into five 30-inch pieces and four 25-inch pieces


  1. 2x4s cut into eight 10-inch pieces and eight 12-inch pieces

  2. 2x12 pine board cut into two 50-inch long pieces

What to do:


  1. Make both of the table bases first, using two 30-inch pieces and two 25-inch pieces. Assemble them as shown using the 2.5-inch screws. Drill the screws through the top of the 30-inch pieces into the 25-inch pieces. Use two screws on the edge of each piece.

  2. Next, lay the 60-inch common boards across the top of the bases to make your tabletop. There should be six inches of the tabletop hanging off each end. Use the 2-inch screws to attach them to the 30-inch sides of the bases. Start with two common boards at the center and continue to line the rest of the boards up on each side. This will be a two-person job. One person should be putting pressure on the boards and keeping them in line while the other person drills the boards into the bases. There should be a screw on each end of every board as shown below, securing them into the base. After the table top is assembled, take the remaining 30-inch 2x4 and attach it underneath for extra support, using 2-inch screws.




Untitled-1 copy.jpg


  1. Use the 10-inch and 12-inch 2x4s, plus the 2.5-inch screws, to make your bases (two bases per bench). Assemble them as shown.

  2. Take the 2x12s (these will be your bench seats) and lay them across the bases. There should be 6 inches hanging off each end.

  3. Put the screws through the top of the bench seat into the bases. Use 3 screws on each end of the seat, as shown below.



  1. Sand down all edges until smooth, then sand the surface of the tabletop and bench seats.

  2. Apply the stain of your choice.

  3. Once the stain is dry, apply two coats of polyurethane to seal and protect everything. If it’s going to remain indoors, it may only be necessary to coat the tabletop and the bench seats.

For an up-close look at how we built our table, check out our video tutorial. Go easy on us y’all ;) We’re new at this whole video thing. There are quite a few awkward angles *face palm*.

If you had asked me a couple years ago if Ricky and I would be building our own furniture, I would have laughed. Neither of us have ever been very handy, but we’re learning as we go and we’re having so much fun with it! I hope this gives you the confidence to build something you didn’t think you could! Enjoy!

— Meghan