A Guide to Magnolia Market

What once was just a small, college town is now a booming city thanks to Chip & Joanna Gaines. Oddly enough, it still feels like a small town, and I think that’s been their goal all along. Waco doesn’t feel commercialized; it just feels homey. Its qualities and characteristics that have always been there are now just enhanced. I think the Gaines couple have many efforts and accomplishments to be proud of, and Magnolia Market is definitely one of them!

Today on the blog I’m giving y’all my personal guide to Magnolia Market – some tips and tricks, things to know, and things you don’t want to miss on your trip to the Silos!


Tip #1: Do whatever you possibly can to go on a weekday! I’m telling you, it makes all the difference. Fridays and Saturdays are mad chaos, and the employees will tell you the same. The line to even shop in the Market is out the door and wrapped around, and you can just forget about getting in the bakery. Sorry to be blunt. Don’t get me wrong… Magnolia Market, in my opinion, totally lives up to the hype. However, I think it is much more enjoyable Monday-Thursday. The crowds are way more bearable. The lines aren’t bad at all. The atmosphere is easy-going, but still lively. If crazy lines and very large crowds don’t bother you, then you may have no problem with going Friday-Saturday! But this girl just can’t deal, y’all 

Tip #2: You can bring your own food and water with you! One of the many things I love about Magnolia Market is that they allow you to bring in your own food and water. Everything on the market grounds costs money, so things add up quickly. Having your own food and drinks with you is super helpful, and allows you to spend more money on things in the market… and cupcakes However, I can’t deny that the food trucks at the market are AMAZING! If you do have some extra money to spend, I highly recommend the brick oven pizza truck! The margherita pizza is delicious. Also, check out the crepe truck. They have both sweet and savory crepes. Sooooo good!

Tip #3: Be a dork. Take all the pictures! As you can see, at Magnolia Market, I have no shame in my picture-taking game. It’s okay to look like a dorky tourist walking around taking pictures of everything, because guess what? Everyone else is doing the exact same thing  I do have the luxury of living near Waco, so I’ve been able to take multiple trips to Magnolia. I don’t take pictures every time, because I also think there’s definitely something to be said for putting the camera down and being totally present in the moment. But it is absolutely a picture-worthy place. Go find the Magnolia mural outside on the back wall of the market, and take a picture with your family or group of friends! Take a photo under the #MilesToMagnolia sign at the entrance. The employees are SO kind and happy to take the picture for you! And take photos of details and spaces that inspire you. I promise you – there will be plenty!

Tip #4: Slow down and enjoy. At a place as famous as Magnolia Market, it’s really easy to rush from one part to the next in a hurry to see and do everything there is to offer. But the reason the big turf area and the all the seating was made was for this very reason – so that people would sit, slow down, and enjoy the atmosphere. Grab your lunch and an iced coffee (because I don’t understand how people in Texas drink hot coffee in the summer…ew), watch your kids run around and play on the turf, enjoy the music (especially if they’re playing Johnnyswim, my favorite), and take it all in.

Tip #5: There’s more to Waco! For me, Magnolia Market is definitely the highlight, but there are a couple other places worth mentioning if you’re up for some extra shopping  Just down the street is The Findery, an adorable home decor shop. Be sure to ask if their warehouse is open too… Ten-thousand square feet of furniture and home decor! You can also visit Harp Design Co., where Clint Harp from Fixer Upper works out of. It’s a tiny little shop filled with awesome woodwork, including things you’ve seen on the show! I’m sure a Waco native would have many other places to recommend, but if you’ve only got a day, or even a few hours, these places are a must-see!


Below are some more photos of things at Magnolia that caught my eye and inspired me. If you haven’t been, like I said, it really does live up to the hype! Hopefully this little guide encourages you to make your trip to Magnolia one to remember 

Thanks for reading!