My Dream Design Board

You know when you have a big spark of creativity and you just have to tell everyone right away because you’re just so excited about it? That’s how I’m feeling about this post, and it’s been a long time coming!

First, I want to announce that I will now be including Design Boards in all of my Interior Decorating packages to all future clients! Design Boards basically represent the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. The items pictured may not be exactly what I or my clients will end up with, but they will be of similar style and design. Design Boards also serve as a reference when picking out furniture and decor, making sure you are sticking to the vision and the plan. I have been wanting to include Design Boards in my services since day 1, but just didn’t have the skillset to do it. Plus, all the fancy software out there that makes it “so easy” is just way out of my budget as a budding small business owner. I’ve been toying around with them for a long time and I think I’ve found my groove.

With all of that said, I wanted to share with you guys my design board for “My Dream Home”. We are moving to Austin next month and it’s got me thinking of how I want to design and decorate our new home (We don’t have one yet… Just speaking it into existence. Ha!) And just like I’ve always said, you don’t have to wait till you have “your dream home” to have your dream home. Know what I mean? You don’t have to be living in a two-story house in a nice neighborhood with a big backyard to have your dream home. If that’s what you have, that’s amazing! And if not, that should not rob of you of the feeling of loving your home. Ricky and I will end up in either an apartment or rental home, and I fully plan on making it a place that feels like ours, regardless of how long we stay there. With some determination, money-saving, bargain-hunting, sale-stalking, and DIY-ing, I know I can absolutely achieve this look.

So, here’s the Design Board I put together for our future living room.


If you asked me to define my design style in just a few words, I don’t think I could. What you see here is a little bit of everything. Bohemian, modern, traditional, rustic… It’s all there, and the beautiful thing is it all comes together cohesively. When designing a room, I have to remind myself and remind my clients to think about what you can actually picture yourself living in comfortably and happily, because there’s a huge difference between seeing a photo on Pinterest or in a magazine, thinking “That’s gorgeous!” and then thinking “I love that! I would want to live in that.”

For example, I think modern, and specifically Scandinavian design is beautiful. I truly appreciate it and I’ve seen some incredibly designed spaces, but I would not want to live in one. I need to feel warmth and coziness in my home, and modern/scandinavian spaces are often more open, bright, and airy, which is totally fine! Again, I think It’s beautiful. I just don’t want to live in it. I feel the same way about almost every other design style. I love elements of all of them, truly. And it’s my home, so I can combine them all if I want to, right? 

So, let’s break down this design board so you can get inside my head and see how I put this all together. We’ll start from the ground, up.

Rug: I love patterned rugs. They make a statement the moment you walk in the room. I’m also drawn to neutrals when it comes to furniture, which I’ll talk about next, so I like to bring in some contrast with a patterned/statement rug underneath. I really like the warm tones in this particular rug as well. I’m all about white walls and natural light, but I love to have warm tones and lots of texture in my home so it still remains cozy and inviting.

Furniture: Like I said above, neutrals are the name of the game for me when it comes to furniture. The reason I like sticking to neutrals is because I am constantly changing up the textiles (blankets, pillows, etc) and decor in my home. Again, it’s about CONTRAST! This way, if I find a funky-textured/colored pillow at the store, I don’t have to ask myself “Will this clash with my couch/chair?” My furniture serves kind of as a base, and I can build off of it with whatever what I want.

Textiles: Give me all the color and texture, yes and amen. That is all.

Wall Decor: Simple, simple, simple. This is where the modern design elements come in. I don’t like for my walls to be super busy, and if I’m going to have things on my walls, I want them to be meaningful. After Ricky and I got engaged, I started buying little things for our home here and there. I began collecting clocks, so when we got married, we had cute little clocks in each room. On the walls, on shelves, etc. I soon realized I couldn’t just keep collecting clocks forever. Then I would be the Crazy Clock Lady and the sound of clocks ticking would fill our home and drive everyone crazy. I’m actually laughing right now thinking about that. It was a sweet idea, but not my best idea. Still, I want to have something to remember that season by, so a simple wall clock will do. I also really love photography prints. Just being honest, I think prints are often cheesy. But picking out a photography print is so fun for me because I feel like I’m picking out a true piece of art. I’ll definitely have some family photos framed and hung on our walls, but I also would really love to mix in some photography prints like the ones on my design board.

And lastly, I had to throw in some green with the fiddle leaf plant and the gorgeous vases! Like I said, not every item pictured is exactly what I’ll end up with, but I’m thinking I definitely need that black planter and those green vases! I’m obsessed.

This is all based on my personal style and preferences, and is in no way a formula. I would love to create a Design Board for you and help you achieve the home you’ve always dreamed of – one that represents you and your family, and all the things YOU love!

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Thanks for reading!