Making a Statement in Your Entryway

Today’s post is all about entryways! Let’s face it… Entryways can be awkward. Everyone’s entryway is different, and there’s no perfect formula for how to style them, but whether your entryway a little side wall in an apartment (like mine!), a grand foyer in a luxury home, or a hallway in a suburban house, I hope this post inspires you to get creative with it!

Your entryway is the first thing you see when you walk in your door. It’s also the first thing your guests see. It sets the tone for your home and gives a glimpse into your style and personality as an individual or as a family. So, with that said, make it yours. There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by what you see on Pinterest or Instagram, but I’m all about embracing uniqueness and making your style personal. When I walk through an entryway, I love seeing things like family photos, sentimental objects, statement pieces… Pretty much anything that is telling of the lovely souls that live in that home.

As you can see, “entryway” is a relative term when you live in an apartment like this, but I made a choice a couple years ago that I would embrace the limitations in whatever home I live in. So this my version of an entryway, and it makes this little apartment feel even more like home! This wall remained blank for quite some time as I thought long and hard about what I wanted to fill it with. Then, one day, my mom came home with this gorgeous antique vanity that belonged to my great-grandmother, and I knew it was the perfect piece for this space. I wish I could remember her, but I have photos with her from when I was a baby, and I’m so thankful to have something of hers in my home. I almost painted it, but I just didn’t feel right about painting over something so special. I’m not sure what color is was originally, but I LOVE the way it faded over the years into this beautiful mint color, and of course I love all its chippy, distressed goodness! No chalk paint and sandpaper here… just a purely, beautifully-aged piece!

I styled the vanity with things I already had laying around – a vintage radio, bird cage, glass bottle filled with baby’s breath, a little clock from Anthropologie, one of my favorite photos that Rachel Meagan Photography took of Ricky and me for our first anniversary, and a stack of books that I ripped the binding off of, painted white and tied together with string. If a little corner in your house needs freshening up, I challenge you to shop your house before you go out and spend money on new things!

Finally, the icing on the cake of my entryway is this DIY sheet music wall hanging!

I have to give credit where credit is due. This wall hanging was inspired by a piece in my favorite coffee shop, Redefined Coffeehouse. There’s a very similar piece on a larger scale hanging in the shop, and I’ve always loved it. Redefined has a very urban, industrial feel to it, but this piece is so vertaile and fitting for different styles, so it looks great in in my farmhouse-style home as well. It was a super easy project that took less than an hour to put together! To make one yourself, here’s what you’ll need: four canvas stretcher strips (you can get two sets of two 38-inch strips for about $9 each on Amazon, or go to Hobby Lobby and get them individually for just a couple dollars each), 1.5 yards of burlap or butcher paper, a hot-glue gun, and old sheet music pages. I chose an old hymnal that I found for $5 at our local antique mall.

From there, it’s pretty simple. Assemble the stretcher strips into a frame. Each one has a groove at the end that fits into the other strip like a puzzle piece. Then, wrap the frame with the burlap or butcher paper and hot-glue it down. Then, arrange the music/book pages however you want and hot-glue them to the burlap/butcher paper (just a dot of glue will do). Layer the pages different ways throughout the frame. It doesn’t need to look perfect! Tip: I found that it actually looks a lot better if you arrange the pages so that they hang off the end of the frame on all sides. Originally I had some of the burlap showing on each side, and it just didn’t look right. Having the pages hang off the ends gives it that “floating” effect. This piece would also look amazing above a headboard or over a mantle.


If I had to give one piece of advice when it comes to entryways, I would say, “don’t over-complicate it”. Set up a long, slim table. Add a large lamp or vase of flowers. Add some personal touches (a family photo or two, sentimental pieces that tell a story). And the rest is filler space (little plants, knick knacks, etc.) And for a statement piece on top or hanging above, consider a painting, a gallery wall, a large photo or print, or a piece like the sheet music wall hanging!

I hope you’ve been encouraged to get creative with your entryway! Post a photo of your entryway on social media and tag me in it (@themumscorner). I want to see what you guys come up with! Thanks for reading!