DIY Headboard

I’m super excited to share another DIY project with you all! This one is definitely my favorite I’ve done so far. I’ve wanted a simple, wooden headboard for years, but everything I found online was either way too expensive or just not exactly what I had in mind. That’s typically when I take things into my own hands  Let’s face it… DIY projects can be hit or miss. Sometimes the cost, time, and effort a DIY project takes is more than it would have been to just order it online, but this headboard was WAY worth it. I spent less than $100 on all the wood and supplies combined, and putting it together was a breeze.

I built a queen size, simple wooden headboard with the help of my step-dad. He taught me how to confidently use a drill, so naturally I feel like I’m probably ready to build my own house now  So, when I say simple, I mean simple. The design for this headboard is very basic, which is what I wanted, but you could absolutely get fancy with it and add a border or even wrap it with batting and fabric. But here’s a basic plan to help get you started.


Here is what you’ll need:

Queen Size Lumber

  • Six 1×6’s at 66”

  • Two 1×4’s at 52” for vertical supports

  • One 1×3 at 56” for horizontal base support

  • One 1×3 at 25” for small vertical support

  • Total height and width should be 55″x66″

King Size Lumber

  • Six 1×6’s at 78”

  • Two 1×4’s at 57” for vertical supports

  • One 1×3 at 66” for horizontal base support

  • One 1×3 at 30” for small vertical support

  • Total height and width should be 60″x78″

Other supplies

  • Stain or paint (I used Minwax wood stain in “Special Walnut”)

  • Polyurethane sealant

  • Paint brushes (1 for the stain or paint and 1 for the sealant)

  • drill


Above is what the headboard should look like assembled from the back.

Lay out the 1×6″ pieces evenly, then drill the small vertical support piece to hold them all together. Then lay the two vertical support pieces at even heights so that the headboard isn’t lopsided, and use the horizontal base support piece to measure how far apart they should be (remember that the horizontal base support needs to go over the vertical supports). Drill everything into place. Do any sanding necessary so that the stain or paint will go on properly. Go over the headboard with the stain or paint of your choice. I only did one coat of stain, but I was heavy handed with it. I wanted the grain of the wood to show through quite a bit, and I think all its texture and imperfections give it the character I hoped for. I didn’t bother staining the horizontal base support or the bottom ends of the vertical supports because you can’t even see them once the headboard is installed behind your bed.

I love my headboard and I’m so pleased with how it turned out! Be encouraged that if there’s something you really want that either you can’t find or it’s too expensive, it may be possible to do it yourself  If you use the tutorial and build a headboard for yourself, be sure to post a photo and tag me in it on social media!


Thanks for reading!