Cheapskate Thanksgiving Tablescape

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, friends! Many of us are cooking and baking the day away! I’ve got a couple pies to make, as well as a pan of sweet potato casserole – my favorite! Last year I hosted Thanksgiving at my home, but this year, there will be more of us, including my one-year old niece who is crawling (almost walking) all over the place, so we’ll be celebrating at my mom’s tomorrow. However, not hosting Thanksgiving didn’t stop me from raiding the floral section of Trader Joe’s and putting together a little Thanksgiving tablescape.  I call it the “Cheapskate Tablescape” because everything on this table is either something I already owned, or it’s from Dollar Tree and the dollar section at Target (bless the Lord)! So, if you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your home, and you’re scrambling to put together a tablescape, have no fear! It’s possible you may have almost everything you need already!


Plates: Target Threshold Dishes (already owned)

Table Runner: Pottery Barn throw blanket I folded up to look like a runner (already owned)

Glass bottles: orange one is from Dollar Tree (already owned the two clear ones)

Mini pumpkins: Target dollar section

Candlestick holders: The Mum’s Corner Home Decor Shop (get you some!)

Napkin Rings: Target dollar section

Napkins: Walmart (already owned)

Gold-rimmed drinking glasses: Dollar Tree (can you believe it?!)

Eucalyptus stems: Trader Joe’s

So, when setting up a tablescape, start with your theme or color scheme. I chose warm tones and metallic finishes. You can mix and match! As you can see, I didn’t just stick to rose gold or gold or silver. I mixed them together and it looks totally cohesive because they are in the same family of metallics. Next, decide if you want a table runner or cloth. If not, no biggie! I chose a more neutral one because I didn’t want it to clash with the tabletop items. So with that said, if you’re using a more colorful and patterned runner, consider using more neutral tabletop items. Next, pick your centerpiece—something with height and something that makes a statement. I almost always choose a floral arrangement of some sort, usually greenery, because I love the fresh and whimsical element it adds. The eucalyptus adds a more modern feel as well. I threw in an orange bottle instead of using all clear bottles in order to make more of a statement and add warmth. Next, be sure to include items with a variety of height. Notice that my centerpiece (the glass bottles) are the tallest items on the table, and it tapers down from there going to the candlesticks which are slightly shorter, then down to the pumpkins. The glasses also add a little more dimension. And of course, select coordinating dishes and glasses, etc. I’m telling y’all… Dollar Tree is where it’s at! If you want simple, basic dishes to coordinate with your tablescape, it’s the place to go. The dollar section at Target is where I recommend finding the cute little details like the pumpkins and napkin rings. So, if you’re planning on being the hostess with the mostest this year, I hope this little guide helps you to create a special, inviting place for your friends and family this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thanks for reading!