Gussy Up Your Guest Room

Sorry, y’all. I just can’t pass up an opportunity for alliteration, no matter how cheesy it sounds 

Today we’re talking about guest bedrooms! For inspiration, I’m featuring two guest bedrooms I recently designed and styled. I’m also sharing some tips and tricks for making your guests feel at home in your guest room!

Let’s take a look at guest bedroom #1—The Boho-Glam Room

Most guest rooms I’ve seen and stayed in have had a pretty generic look to them. But in my opinion, a guest room with some flair and personality like this one is a room I’d LOVE to stay in! The layering of textures gives this room its cozy, bohemian feel, and the bold pops of purple, navy, and blush gives it a touch of glam.


Now, let’s take a look at guest bedroom #2—The Vintage Bunk Room

The pastel colors paired with the wood and vintage wall sconces give this bunk room a playful but sophisticated feel—perfect for tiny guests to stay and play  The original wall color was navy, but I selected a shade of white to brighten up the room and make it appear larger since we squeezed in multiple beds. Adorable prints on the bedside tables and in the gallery wall gave this room even more personality.


Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Guest Room:

1) Have a seating area for guests to retreat to. You can also include a side table and lamp so they can read or relax with a cup of coffee.

2) Consider furnishing the room with a desk rather than a dresser. Unless they’re staying for an extended period of time (several weeks or months), guests don’t typically use a dresser. A desk gives guests a place to work if they need to. A desk is also more ideal for decorating and personalizing. Add a nice lamp and a vase full of flowers to make the room extra cozy  Just be sure to put some hangers in the closet for guests to store their clothes if they need to.

3) Frame a little print with your wifi password on it. You can get as cutesy as you want with this!

4) Put a gift basket full of snacks and drinks on the bed before your guests arrive! This is a great way to make them feel welcome, and it’s perfect for guests who may be too shy to ask for snack from your pantry 

5) To go the extra milestay in your guest room for a night or two. That’s right. Before you open your guest room for the first time, try staying in it yourself to make sure the room has everything it needs to feel comfortable and welcoming. You might discover areas for improvement or things missing from the room that you wouldn’t have noticed before.


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Thanks for reading!